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New Opportunities (Updated 2018/04/26)

These opportunities have been posted since the last weekly @3iOntario update. A full list of current opportunities is available below, as are a selection of on-going opportunities available to Ontario's health innovators and innovation champions.

We primarily source these listings by reviewing research grant opportunity databases/portals; procurement portals; and the websites, newsletters, and twitter feeds of organizations that frequently post relevant opportunities. In some cases, we receive information about potential postings directly or identify them opportunistically. Spot something that we missed? Please share it with others by tweeting @3iOntario. 

Craig H. Neilsen Foundation: Spinal Cord Research on the Translational Spectrum [NEW - Research Grants]
Craig H. Neilsen Foundation ~ May 4 for letters of intent; October 12 for full proposal
Up to $200,000 per year for up to 3 yearsfor “projects that are designed to improve and advance current treatments for acute and chronic spinal cord dysfunction.” Areas covered include but are not limited to bioengineering solutions to improve function in persons with spinal cord injury and testing of innovative rehabilitation strategies and devices in persons with spinal cord injury.

Aging-Related Grants [NEW - Research Grants]
Drummond Foundation ~ May 7 for letters of intent; September 3 for full applications
Up to $25,000 for up to one year for aging-related research based in Canada focused on “improving the quality of life of socially, mentally, or physically disadvantaged older adults, their families, and caregivers.” The focus of this program is supporting early-career investigators or investigators bridging to a new field.

Better Management of COPD Patients Using Remote Patient Interactive Solution Technology [NEW Market Sounding]
Kingston Health Sciences Centre ~ May 8
To inform an innovation procurement processaiming to ascertain the range of market capacitycapabilityreadinessand the level of interest to provide a solution or solutions to a proposed set of requirements and/or outcomes using innovative procurement approaches.” The focus is novel remote interactive solutions that enable better community based care for individuals with COPDaligning with a clinical pathway from hospital admission to seamless transition back to home and communityThere is a focus on serving older adults who are socio-economically challenged and live in rural and remote settings

EPS/OPS Supply and Deliver Public Access Automated External Defibrillator[NEW - RFP]
City of Ottawa ~ May 11
Inviting proposals to supply and deliver public-access automated external defibrillators.

On-Line Referencing Solution [NEW – RFP]
Shared Services West on behalf of Trillium Health Partners ~ May 17
Seeking a comprehensiveeasy-to-access on-line referencing solution that supports the need for evidence-based literature/practice guidelines

Mobile Drug Information Application including Support Services [NEW – RFP]
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority ~ May22
Inviting proposals to supply an app that pharmacists can use on a range of mobile devicesThe app should offer timely information that will allow direct patient care and enable accuratetimely information for decision making in determining appropriate medication therapy to insure best possible patients outcomes." This information should be based on accurate evidence-based reference sources for medications in areas such as pharmacotherapeuticscomparative efficacyplace in therapypharmacokineticsdrug administrationcompatibilitiesinteractions and patient informationThe focus should be on Canadian content

Myocardial Protection Systems and Consumables[NEW - RFP]
HMMS on behalf of the Cardiac Surgery and Perfusion departments of London Health Sciences Centre ~ May 22
Aiming to establish a long-term partnership for supply of myocardial protection systems and consumables.

Technology Asset Review and Rationalization Roadmap[NEW - RFP]
Cancer Care Ontario ~ May 25
CCO is seeking a consulting partner to address a variety of IT challenges facing the organization and put in place processes for the future. The RFP notes, “Over time, with the need to deliver new business functionality in a constrained environment, an accumulation of “technical debt” has resulted across CCO’s IT product portfolios. Through internal architecture and product management work, CCO has identified a number of key challenges, such as IT solutions with overlapping mandates in some areas, IT solutions with aging software components, and interim IT solutions and workarounds that have persisted for multiple years.”

Operating Grant : Collaborative Health Research Projects [NEW - Research Grants]
Canadian Institutes of Health Research in collaboration with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ~ May 29for letters of intent; October 30 for full applications
Funding for innovative, interdisciplinary, collaborative research projects with a strong focus on knowledge translation that involve both the natural sciences or engineering community and the health sciences community. Includes a special call related to artificial intelligence. Successful projects from this call will bring together researchers from natural sciences and engineering; health sciences; social sciences and humanities to collaborate on innovative artificial intelligence research applied to health and to investigate ethical, legal, and/or societal impacts associated with the development, scale, and spread of AI in the health sector.” Total of $24.875 million available, including up to $5.975 million for the special call.

Spark Program 2018 Call for Innovations [NEW - Innovation Project Grants]
Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation ~ June 14
Up to $50,000 to support innovative products and practices informed by the experience of point-of-care staff working with older adult. People working at Canadian not-for-profit healthcare organizations and Seniors Quality Leap Initiative members can apply for funding to develop or refine grass-roots, early-stage solutions.  Host organizations receive up-to $50,000 to support these projects over up to 12 months. Themes include aging in place, caregiver support, caregiver support, care coordination and navigation, and cognitive health.

Other Current Opportunities

The current opportunities listed below are time-limited. We also encourage you to consider on-going opportunities (e.g. see the list of venture capital, information, and other resources curated by MaRS for consumer digital health and the federal government's Concierge Service or Innovation Canada Digital Platform) plus the partial listing below, as well as to consult sites that track opportunities that are not specific to the health sector (e.g. Ministry of Research, Innovation, and ScienceCanada Business OntarioInvest in OntarioCommercialization Programs and Funding from MaRSSoshent; and Strategic Innovation Fund


Automated Dispensing Systems [RFP]
Royal Ottawa Healthcare Group ~ April 30
Inviting proposals for “the provision of Automated Dispensing Systems for various locations in Ottawa and Brockville plus installation, configuration, training and maintenance and support, subject to mutual agreement.”

Emergency Department Electronic Patient Tracking Board [RFP]
Ross Memorial Hospital ~ May 1
Soliciting proposals for “an electronic, real-time patient tracking solution to be implemented in the Emergency Department (ED). The intent of the Purchaser is to implement a solution that follows the ED workflow from initiation (triage), and conclude at patient discharge or transfer. The system should be required to interface with existing systems along the way. The solution should support the current clinician workflow in the ED by providing real time information, but should effectively capture data related to target times and patient activity tracking during their ED visit.”

Chordoma Research Grants[Research Grants]
Canadian Cancer Society in partnership with the Chordoma Foundation ~ May 1 for abstract registration; July 16 for full proposals
Opportunity to support up to 2 grants focused on a rare cancer that occurs in the bones of the skull base and spine, chordoma. Intent it to improve understanding of chordoma and to generate new ideas leading to systemic therapies. “It is hoped that this grant award will utilize innovative technologies and foster new collaborations in order to drive translational research findings rapidly to the clinic.”

Co-Development of Behaviour Change eHealth Solution [Advanced Contract Award Notice]
University Health Network ~ May 2
Intention to award a contract for co-development of a customized, one-stop behaviour change platform for Toronto Rehabilitation Institute and its provincial partners. The supplier will leverage its proven assets “in the refinement and advancement of evidence-based preventive therapies, and as such, reduce the prevalence of chronic disease among Canadian adults. Examples of these distinguishing features include a multi-pronged rewards infrastructure, live health coaching capabilities, health coach/participant/administrative interfaces, health risk assessments, robust participant tracking including wearable integration with online reporting dashboard, ‘turn-key’ development, and continual technical support. Data security and privacy requirements must embody the highest level of rigor.”

Approved Provider Network for Medical Equipment [RFSQ]
Providence St. Joseph’s and St Michael’s Healthcare, together with Orion Audit Limited, representing multiple hospitals in the Greater Toronto Area ~ May 3
Prospective proponents are invited to submit qualification packages to provide medical equipment and related services.

Portable MRI System [Advance Contract Award Notice]
HôpitalMontfort ~ May 3
Advising of intention to lease a portable MRI system to sustain operational services during a significant upgrade of its in-house Siemens MRI equipment.

Genomic Applications Partnership Program [R&D Grants]
Genome Canada ~ May 7
Funding available to support “downstream research and development (R&D) projects that address real world opportunities and challenges identified by industry, government, not-for-profits and other “Receptors” of genomics knowledge and technologies.” These small-scale proof-of-concept to large-scale projects are academic/industry collaborations. They are co-funded by Genome Canada (1/3), receptor partners (1/3 cash or in-kind), and 1/3 from other stakeholders. Total of up to $300,000 to $6 million for projects of 1-3 years duration.

Vital Signs Monitors with Stands [RFP]
Yukon Health and Social Services on behalf of Whistle Bend Place ~ May 8
Requirement to purchase vital signs monitors including pulse oximetry, blood pressure, temperature, and mobile stands for Whistle Bend Place, a continuing care facility.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Pilot Research Grants  [Research Grants]
Multiple Sclerosis Society ~ May 9
Up to $50,000 available for up to one year to “test innovative, cutting-edge ideas or untested methods, and to gather sufficient preliminary data to apply for longer-term funding.”

Health Technologies Fund [Innovation Grants]
Ontario Centres of Excellence on behalf of the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care ~ May 9 for Expressions of Interest
Health innovation teams are invited to apply for grants to supports the development of made-in-Ontario health technologies by accelerating evaluation, procurement, adoption and diffusion in the Ontario health system. Round 3 of the program will focus on initiatives under the Better Care Closer to Home theme. Pre-Market Evaluation projects will support up to 50% of eligible project cash costs up to $500,000 over up to 24 months. Early Adoption projects will support up to 50% of eligible project cash costs up to $1,000,000 over up to 24 months.

Vital Signs Monitors [Notice of Proposed Procurement]
Healthcare Materials Management Services on behalf of London Health Sciences and St. Joseph’s ~ May 11
Seeking to build a long-term partnership with a preferred proponent(s) for the supply of vital signs monitors. Actual quantities will be determined as capital funding becomes available, with an estimate of replacement of 5-20 units per year over the life of the agreement.

Entrepreneurs Program [Early-Stage Entrepreneur Support]
Ontario Brain Institute ~ May 14
Up to 10 Ontario-based early-stage entrepreneurs (preference to recent graduates) will receive $50,000 plus training opportunities and mentorship to help build and grow neuro-tech companies. These companies must be focused “on developing/commercializing a technology based on scientific research and has a fundamental impact on how people understand, diagnose, improve or treat brain and brain-related disorders (neurological, neuropsychiatric, and/or sensory diseases).  Note: Programs or services are NOT eligible.” This includes devices, therapeutics, software/ICT but not programs or services.

University of Waterloo BETS program [Engineering Student Microplacements]
University of Waterloo ~ Rotation 1 begins May 14
Companies paired with 2 first-year engineering students for 5-week subsidized micro-placements. Cost of $1,500 for a 5-week placement in objectives-driven projects with clear deliverables and outcomes (350 person-hours total).

Closed Loop Medication Management Automated Systems [RFP]
Plexxus for Sinai Health System ~ May 14
Inviting proposals to provide a Closed Loop Medication Management Automated Systems for Sinai Health System (SHS). Equipment categories include: robotic packaging and dispensing unit, automated high speed packager, automated dispensing units and pharmacy narcotic dispensing unit, automated anesthesia carts, automated condensed storage system, and pharmacy purchasing and inventory management software.

eLearning/Web Development [RRFQ]
Sinai Health System ~ May 14
"The Reitman Centre at the Sinai Health System requires an experienced eLearning/Web Development company to work with our clinical and training team to update online CARERS manual and to continue as a department resource for future CMS maintenance and development of new online learning materials.”

Innovation Fund [Innovation Grant]
Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy ~ May 15 for Letter of Intent
Up to $100,000 in total funding for grants to pharmacist engaged in research or an innovative model of pharmacy practice that seeks to advance the profession in ways that can demonstrably improve the health of patients

Request for Competitive Dialogue Proposals for Hip and Knee Bundled Homeware [RFP]
Southlake Regional Health Centre ~ May 16
The total joint care programs at Southlake Regional Health Centre and Markham Stouffville Hospital aim to realign resources across the care continuum. “The goal will be to enhance provider services ensuring the right provider at the right place and right time. With the goal of seamless care transitions it is integral to design into the process a methodology for information sharing and collaborative care planning for patients and support continuous quality improvement initiatives. We will look to our homecare provider to soften transitions between the hospital and home and ensure transitions are seamless and timely supporting efforts to reduce acute inpatient length of stay and facilitating transition to outpatient services.”

Super Resolution Live Cell Imaging Microscope [RFP]
University of Toronto ~ May 16
“The Donnelly Centre requires supply, delivery, and installation of one (1) Super Resolution Live Cell Imaging Microscope for live cell imaging. The microscope will be used for conducting live cell imaging experiments of yeast and mammalian cells containing fluorescently-tagged proteins in multi-well tissue culture plates, on microscope slides or other devices.”

Call for Innovations: Researcher-Clinician Partnership Program – Round 3 [Innovation Grants]
Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation ~ May 18
Support for clinician/researcher teams who work together “to refine, test, validate and disseminate innovative solutions in real-world settings. Solutions must be at an advanced stage of development, with promising scalability.” Up to $500,000 over up to 15 months. Projects must begin by August 2018. Competition themes are aging in place, caregiver support, care coordination and navigation, and cognitive health.

Automated Solution to Support Toronto Public Health Research Ethics Review [RFP]
Toronto Public Health ~ May 18
Intention to procure a cloud-based, vendor-hosted solution that will support Toronto Public Health’s Research Ethics Review process. It will “assist Researchers, the REB Chair and Internal Staff to monitor the progress of research applications/proposals through the review process and ensure that all required approvals are in place before research proposals, amendments and continuing research renewals are approved.” 

Design Thinking Services [RFP]
Ontario Telemedicine Network ~ May 18
Aiming to contract for the provision of design-thinking services, initially for “the co-design of a comprehensive digital chronic disease self-care model that both patients and primary care providers will want to engage in and thereby support rapid adoption throughout the province.” Other statements of work may also be executed during the term of the agreement.

CNE Innovation Garage Emerging Innovators Pitch Competition [Pitch Competition]
CNE Innovation Garage ~ May 20
Innovators invited compete for monetary prizes and in-kind services (finals in August 2018). Categories include health and wellness, women entrepreneurs, indigenous entrepreneurs, and kids technology. Category winners receive a $5000 prize and opportunity to compete in Ontario semi-finals. Top prize for national winners is $25,000.

Cloud Service [RFP]
Ontario Telemedicine Network ~ May 23
Inviting proposals that provide OTN the flexibility to purchase, as required, “compute, memory and storage services; storage services including, but not limited to, file-level storage, block-level storage and long-term or archival storage; direct network connections and Content Delivery Network connections; function as a service; media capture, transcoding, streaming and storage; and any and all services offered directly by the selected cloud provider.”

Innovation for Defence Excellence and Security (IDEaS) Program - Competitive Projects [Call for Proposals]
Public Works and Government Services Canada for the Department of National Defence ~ May 24
Challenging bidders with diverse skills and expertise from a variety of domains to develop innovative S&T solutions to Canada’s defence and security challenges, including focus areas such as understanding and addressing post-traumatic stress disorder.

College and Community Innovation Program - Innovation Enhancement Grants [Grants for Applied Research and Technology/Knowledge Transfer by Colleges]
NSERC in collaboration with CIHR and SSHRC ~ May 25 for Letters of Intent
Grants aiming to “increase innovation at the community and/or regional level by enabling Canadian colleges to increase their capacity to work with local companies, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).” Grants support a portfolio of applied research and technology/knowledge transfer activities. Entry-level grants for up to 2 years and $100,000 per year; no company commitment. Build grants for up to 5 years and $400,000 per year with required cash and/or in-kind commitments from companies. Extend grants for up to an additional 3 years and $300,000 with required cash and/or in-kind commitments from companies.

Adopting Research to Improve Care [Call for Proposals]
Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario and Health Quality Ontario ~ May 25 (Letters of Intent)
Spreading proven innovations that advance care and have successfully bridged gaps between current care and care outlined in one or more areas of finalized HQO Quality Standards. Seeking innovations that are ready for further spread, have an experienced team ready to act as change agents and spread the intervention/practice change further, involved patient and family engagement in its development and future spread, and have gained interest and support from other organizations as potential spread partners. Up to $1 million for all projects over 24 months.

Smart Solutions for Aging Well  [International Call for Proposals]
Active and Assisted Living Solutions ~ May 28
Inviting proposals that enable innovative, transnational and multi-disciplinary collaborative projects developing ICT-based solutions to support active and assisted living. Must include consortia with at least 3 organizations from 3 different countries (including Canada). Project duration of 18 to 36 months, with total funding of up to 2.5 million euros. Canadian component up to $117,666 per year for up to 3 years.

Organ Allocation System [Notice of Proposed Procurement]
Ontario Shared Services for the Gift of Life Network ~ May 28
Seeking a supplier to “develop, provide, and host a complete solution to improve and optimize its waitlist, organ allocation and transplantation system.” 

Canada~Israel R&D Partnering [Call for R&D Proposals]
Canada-Israel Industrial Research Foundation ~ May 31
Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises invited to submit proposals to “validate, adapt, and co-develop” technologies with Israeli companies.  Focus areas include information and communication technologies, as well as life sciences. 

2018 Joule Innovation Grant Program [Innovation Grants]
Joule ~ June 1
Up to $80,000 in funding available to Canadian Medical Association members, medical students, and residents who are advancing early-stage, later-stage, or social innovations. Dedicated category of grants for students and residents.

SPOR National Data Platform [Grant]
Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ June 19
Opportunity to obtain support for one data platform (up to $39 million over 7 years) that will "address major barriers and inefficiencies in accessing or using multi-jurisdictional/ national data for patient-oriented research that cannot be addressed by the individual provincial and territorial (P/T) SUPPORT Units; leverage unique Canadian assets enabling international leadership in patient-oriented research; be pan-Canadian in scope."

Team Grant : ERA-Net PerMed [Research Grant related to personalized medicine including data analysis, management and protection – integrating big data and ICT solutions]
Canadian Institutes of Health Research Roadmap Accelerator Fund, Personalized Health Initiative, under the scientific leadership of the Institute of Aging, Institute of Cancer Research, Institute of Gender and Health, Institute of Genetics and Institute of Health Services and Policy Research in partnership with the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) in partnership with the IC PerMed International Consortium ~ July 5
Canadian researchers have access to $4.6 million from CIHR and FRQS, enough to fund about ten grants of up to $150,000 per year for up 3 years each. Personalized medicine projects must be interdisciplinary and demonstrate the potential impact, as well as the value of transnational collaboration. Focus areas include “data analysis, management and protection – integrating big data and ICT solutions.” This includes both enabling technologies and moving towards application in health care.

Antimicrobial Resistance: Point of Care Diagnostics in Human Health - Phase 2 [Research Grant]
The Antimicrobial Resistance Initiatives, under the scientific leadership of the Institute of Infection and Immunity and the Institute of Population and Public Health at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ August 15
Grants available to “further facilitate and improve the development of clinically relevant point-of-care diagnostic tools in AMR that will improve rational use of antibiotics and improve clinical management. The point-of-care technology would not only permit on-site diagnoses (i.e. in the physician’s office, during ambulance transport, from patient’s residence, at the pharmacy, or at the hospital), but also contribute to empowering health service professionals to make decisions and assessments regarding choice of treatment in a timely and appropriate manner. This would significantly impact health care delivery and appropriate use of antibiotics. It may also serve as detection for disease outbreaks and investigation of unknown pathogens while maintaining public health surveillance capability.” Intent to support partnerships between academics and industry or other non-academic partners.

CANET Ignite [Grant]
Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada ~ On-going to December 31
Up to $25,000 to “foster collaborative relationships in arrhythmia research between Canadian- based companies and network investigators.” The intent is to provide support to solve a company-specific problem by generating new knowledge or applying current knowledge in an innovative way. In-kind or cash matching contributions required. The network’s research themes are: “technological innovations to improve the treatment of arrhythmia conditions; innovative, safe and effective treatments to prevent sudden cardiac death, halt progression of atrial fibrillation and related illness and death, and prevent disabling syncope; and effective solutions to promote a sustainable health system by empowering patients to manage their conditions.” 

Data, Research, & Other Resources

What you know - and don't know - can affect how likely your innovation is to succeed. The resources below highlight a sample of the avenues by which Ontario innovators and innovation champions can access data, research, and related support. Many university and college-affiliated research groups also offer support to inform and advance development and use of health technologies.


Have Your Say & Recently Published

Want to accelerate better health, better care, and better value in the health sector? We hope that this selection of open consultations and recently published policy statements, research results, data, and other tools and resources will be helpful to you.

On-Going or Long-Term Opportunities

The following on-going or long-term support opportunities are examples of those that have been profiled in the 3iOntario Digest since July 2017. This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing. See the links above for compilations prepared by others.

  • Invitation to Propose Innovation Validation Tests via the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) for health technology innovation in the province's academic hospitals
  • Going Global Innovation, Canadian Trade Commissioners Service, Government of Canada: Supports researchers who aim to commercialize technology through collaborative international R&D. Pays up to 75% of eligible costs to a maximum of $75,000 for approved projects.
  • IC-IMPACTS Innovation Demonstration Initiative,  India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability: Supports demonstration projects (technology indigenization or product adaptation, technology or research validation, or technology replication) of up to 2 years in length, usually with a budget of $25,000 or less. One of the objectives is to improve health, safety and prosperity through introduction of new technologies in Canada and/or India.
  • Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Call 007, Government of Canada: Invites proposals for health innovations that haven’t been sold commercially but meet required technology readiness levels to achieve a first major reference sale with the Government of Canada (up to $500,000). Health innovations – in areas such as assistive devices, health research, medical devices, monitoring and tracking of adverse effects, public health, and provision of information on health products and food – are a priority area.

  • Northern Innovation Program - Applied Research & Technology Development Projects, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation ~ March 31, 2019: Help Northern Ontario businesses undertake applied research or pre-commercialization initiatives required to further develop and bring to market their new technologies. Focus sectors include health sciences, the digital economy, the bioeconomy, and advanced manufacturing. Conditional contribution of 50% of eligible costs up to $250,000.

  • Substance Use and Addictions Program Call for Proposals 
    Health Canada ~ on-going
    Inviting proposals to support evidence-informed and innovative health promotion, prevention, harm reduction and treatment initiatives to address substance use issues related to licit and illicit psychoactive substances, e.g. development, enhancement and uptake of evidence-informed tools, technology, guidelines and protocols. 

  • Voucher for Innovation and Productivity
    Ontario Centres of Excellence with Business Development Bank of Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the National Research Council (NRC) ~ on-going
    Supports partnerships between Ontario companies and post-secondary institutions focused on knowledge mobilization, commercialization and increased productivity with significant economic impact for Ontario.

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