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New Opportunities (Updated 2018/02/23)

These opportunities have been posted since the last weekly @3iOntario update. A full list of current opportunities is available below, as are a selection of on-going opportunities available to Ontario's health innovators and innovation champions.


Automated Staff Callout System [NEW - RFP]
Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario ~ March 8
Seeking an automated staff callout system for the hospital.

Advance Notice and Disclosure of Information for the Innovation Procurement for Real-Time Data Collection through a Smart Replenishment Tracking Solution [NEW - Innovation Procurement by Co-Design]
MacKenzie Health ~ March 12
Via a co-design process, seeking a solution that “will integrate into the Internet of Healthcare Things platform and provide data collection of critical data sets of hand hygiene dispensers; when it was used, how many times it has been used, where it was used, and current product levels. With the collection of this data, the objective is to create outcomes to drive automation of supply chain management and support hand hygiene compliance.”

2018 Call for Innovations: Industry Innovation Partnership Program – Round 3 [NEW - Partnership Grants]
Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) ~ March 12, 2018
Up to $500,000 to support innovations that address challenges associated with the aging brain, including dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases. Companies have an opportunity to obtain evidence and user validation required for widespread procurement and adoption of their products through partnerships with one or more seniors care organizations (trial sites). 

The DMZ Women Founders program [NEW - Accelerator]
Ryerson DMZ with Scotiabank and Tangerine ~ March 20
Opportunity for 8 high-potential women-led start-ups to participate in intensive four-month accelerator program aiming to help them grow by optimizing product market fit and securing early revenue. Includes opportunity to pitch for prizes of $50,000, $25,000 and $15,000. Must have a minimum viable product (MVP).

Innovative Solutions Canada Program [NEW - Call for proposals]
Public Services and Procurement Canada on behalf of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada ~ Varies (March 27 for challenge described below)
Seeking innovative solutions to support the development of early-stage, pre-commercial innovations by small businesses that address a range of challenges facing federal departments and agencies. Contract for up to $150,000 for a maximum of six months available for proof of concept. Contract for up to $1,000,000 for a maximum of two years for prototype development. Open challenges listed here. Includes a challenge on the application of “artificial intelligence and big data analytics to bring tangible advancements in the operation and utilization of space assets in support of government operations, public safety, public health and discovery.”

Creating Hope in Conflict: A Humanitarian Grand Challenge [NEW - RFP]
U.S. Agency for International Development, the UK Department for International Development, and Grand Challenges Canada ~ April 12
Seeking “life-saving or life-improving innovations to help the most vulnerable and hardest-to-reach people impacted by humanitarian crises caused by conflict.” Must involve a connection to the private sector and input from affected communities. Focus areas include provision, supply, or local generation of health supplies and services to help conflict-affected people. Seed funding of up to $250,000 over up to 24 months. Transition to scale funding of up to $1 million with technical support over up to 24 months.

Canada – India Collaborative Industrial Research & Development Program 2018 [NEW - Call for Proposals]
Global Affairs Canada in partnership with the National Research Council of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program and the Department of Science and Technology in India in partnership with Global Innovation & Technology Alliance ~ April 15 registration deadline
Small and medium-sized companies registered in Canada with 500 or fewer full-time equivalent employees who are ready to collaborate with Indian partners on an industrial R&D project are eligible to apply. Canadian companies are eligible for up to $600,000 and Indian firms for up to INR 150 lakhs.

Early-Career Capacity Building Grant Program [NEW - Early Career Grants]
Azrieli Foundation and Brain Canada ~ April 17
Grants aiming to “accelerate novel and transformative research that will fundamentally change our understanding of nervous system function and dysfunction and their impact on health. The goal is to reduce the social and economic burden of neurological and mental health problems by prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment.”

Weston Brain Institute: Rapid Response: Canada 2018 (Alzheimer’s and Related Diseases) [NEW - Seed funding]
Weston Brain Institute ~ April 19 for Letter of Intent
Seed funding to “catalyze novel, high-risk, high-reward translational research to accelerate the development of therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases of aging.” Up to $200,000 per project over up to 18 months.

Request for Competitive Dialogue Proposals for Hip and Knee Bundled Homeware [NEW - RFP]
Southlake Regional Health Centre ~ May 16
The total joint care programs at Southlake Regional Health Centre and Markham Stouffville Hospital aim to realign resources across the care continuum. “The goal will be to enhance provider services ensuring the right provider at the right place and right time. With the goal of seamless care transitions it is integral to design into the process a methodology for information sharing and collaborative care planning for patients and support continuous quality improvement initiatives. We will look to our homecare provider to soften transitions between the hospital and home and ensure transitions are seamless and timely supporting efforts to reduce acute inpatient length of stay and facilitating transition to outpatient services.”



Other Current Opportunities

The current opportunities listed below are time-limited. We also encourage you to consider on-going opportunities (e.g. see the list of venture capital, information, and other resources curated by MaRS for consumer digital health and the federal government's Concierge Service or Innovation Canada Digital Platform) plus the partial listing below, as well as to consult sites that track opportunities that are not specific to the health sector (e.g. Ministry of Research, Innovation, and ScienceCanada Business OntarioInvest in OntarioCommercialization Programs and Funding from MaRSSoshent; and Strategic Innovation Fund

Fierce Founders Bootcamp [Founder Support & Pitch Competition]
Communitech ~ February 25
25 tech or tech-based startups with at least one female founder that have successfully launched their minimum viable product can receive mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and experts, as well as be eligible for up to $100,000 in cash and prizes.

CBC Start-up City [Showcase Opportunity for Toronto Start-ups]
CBC Toronto ~ February 25
Seeking start-ups who wish to tell their story about how they are making a difference in the Greater Toronto Area.

Medication Reconciliation Memorandum of Information [Innovative Procurement Competitive Dialogue Process]
Southlake Regional Health Centre ~ February 26
Invitation to take part in an overview of the hospital’s medication reconciliation (MedRec) initiative and the competitive dialogue process. This initiative may include areas such as automating and streamlining the MedRec process across the Health Centre, ability to interface with the hospital’s electronic health record, ability to exchange medication data with community pharmacies, and improvement of clinical workflows and resource efficiency.

Enabling New Models of Care Initiative - Core Team [RFP]
Alberta Health ~ February 26
Aiming to engage a core team to oversee the Enabling New Models of Care (ENMOC) initiative, as well as to focus on functional and non-functional requirements, architectural roadmaps, and strategies to support solution identification and acquisition.

Case Reports for Head CT Labeling (Radiology) Project [RFP]
Shared Services West for Trillium Health Partners and Enclitic Inc ~ February 26
For a data analytics project aiming to improve time to diagnosis for head CTs, expert radiology forms are needed to interpret de-identified head CT studies. The goal is to develop a collection of annotated and labeled cases to be used in training deep learning models to detect conditions such as stroke, intracranial hemorrhage, and venous thrombosis.

Single Sign On Support Agreement [RFP]
Shared Services West, on behalf of Trillium Health Partners ~ February 27
Seeking a single sign-on support agreement including OneSign compatibility, bundled SSO/AM users, self-service password users, and VASCO token users.

Automated Slide Scanner [RFP]
Providence St. Joseph's and St. Michael's Hospital Health Care~ February 27
Seeking to procure an automated slide scanner and associated services for the hospital.

Drug Adjudication and Formulary Management System/Service [Notice of Proposed Procurement]
Workplace Safety and Insurance Board ~ February 28
Advice of intent to post an RFP in February 2018 for an innovative drug adjudication and formulary management system/service, given that a currently-used system will cease to be available as of November 2019.

Saving Lives at Birth: A Grand Challenge for Development - Round 8 [Transition to Scale Support]
USAID, the Government of Norway, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Grand Challenges Canada, DFID, and KOICA ~ February 28
Seeking ‘leapfrog’ innovations in technology, service delivery, and/or demand-side innovation that “substantially increase demand for and access to primary health interventions for women and newborns; substantially improve the quality of care as measured by health outcomes; and improve and sustain healthy behaviors, attitudes, and practices.”

Community Investment Program [Grants for Not-for-Profit Organizations and Academic Researchers]
Canadian Internet Registration Authority ~ February 28
A total of $1 million plus in-kind support available to support not-for-profit organizations and academic researchers who propose projects that “support the development and/or enhancement of the internet for the benefit of all Canadians.”

China (Shenzhen) Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition, Toronto Division [Innovation Competition]
Canada Confederation of Shenzhen Associations (CCSA) and the Sino-Canada International Innovation Centre ~ February 28
Guided by The Ministry of Science and Technology and the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (China) and sponsored by the Shenzhen Municipal Government, teams or individuals with innovations and business plans that include entrepreneurship in Shenzhen within 6 months of the competition are invited to participate. The industrial focus is: IT, electronic science and technology, biology and life science and technology, advanced manufacturing, and materials and energy. Professional fields of focus include the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and anti-cancer technology. The Toronto Division of the competition will be held at MaRS on March 24. For the global competition, there is a prize pool of about $2 million, plus a venture capital pool of $4 billion involving 34 investment institutions for the nine divisions of the competition.

Quantum Leap Program [Precompetitive Research Grants]
CQDM ~ March 1
Aiming to support 1-3 year projects with budgets typically between $500,000 and $2 million that involve innovative technologies, tools, and platforms that accelerate or facilitate the drug discovery/development process.

Planning and Dissemination Grants [Research Grants]
Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ March 1
Grants of up to $50,000 for up to 1 year (Total: $1,005,000) available to support planning and dissemination activities in areas prioritized by CIHR’s Institutes. Note: grant maximum amounts vary by Institute.

Request for IT Proposals [RFP]
WellFort Community Health Services and Rexdale Community Health Centre ~ March 1
Seeking a Managed Service Providers who would provide on-going IT support and management services to WellFort and RCHC.

Software Integrating Staff Scheduling to Payroll [RFP]
Guelph General Hospital ~ March 1
Soliciting bids to provide software that integrates the hospital’s staff scheduling to payroll. Detailed specifications included as part of the RFP.

GENDER-NET Plus ERA-NET Cofund – Promoting Gender Equality [Research Grants]
NSERC with international partners ~ March 1 pre-proposal; July full proposal
Support for research projects that will promote integration of sex and gender analysis at an international level. Interdisciplinary basic and applied research is eligible for funding. To qualify for NSERC funding, research must be related to Social Development Goals 9 (industrialization and innovation) or 13 (climate action). Must include investigators from at least 3 consortium countries. Up to $100,000 per year for up to 3 years.

Clinical Leadership Adoption of Implementation Plan for Digital Order Sets [RFP]
Northern Supply Chain ~ March 1
Consulting services sought to engage with clinicians and clinical leaders, particularly in small hospitals, related to the translation of best practice for utilization of digital order sets.

Virtual Service Desk Agent [RFI]
University Health Network ~ March 2
Aiming to obtain information about commercially-available virtual agent products that can assist with responding to call centre inquiries.

PET-CT System [RFP]
University of Saskatchewan ~ March 2
Inviting bids to supply a PET-CT System.

Strategic Investment Program Accelerator [Accelerator]
AGE-WELL: Canada's Technology and Aging Network ~ March 2
Up to $40,000 over 12 months plus mentorship and training opportunities for innovative post-discovery projects aligned with the network’s missing and vision.

Champlain Pathways Communications and Knowledge Exchange [RFP]
The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group ~ March 5
Seeking communications and knowledge exchange expertise to support requirements for Pathways to Better Care.

Operating Grant : SPOR PIHCI Network – Knowledge Synthesis Grants [Research Grant]
Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research, Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ March 6
Up to $25,000 per project for one year knowledge synthesis grants for cross-jurisdictional teams to undertake knowledge syntheses or scoping reviews in areas relevant to the network's priorities. Note: In Ontario, eHealth innovations have been identified as a cross-cutting theme with the potential to have an impact on each of the priority areas. 1:1 matching with non-federal government sources is required.

Operating Grant : SPOR PIHCI Network - Comparative Program and Policy Analysis [Research Grant]
Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research, Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ March 6
Inviting proposals to support research focused on "1) Comparative policy analyses across different provincial/territorial health system contexts and related health outcomes and 2) Comparative analysis of programmatic innovations in health care delivery that could scale to a system level." Findings are expected to guide evidence-informed policy decision-making and to inform future cross-jurisdictional research. CIHR will contribute up to $62,500 per grant per year for up to two years. 1:1 matching with non-federal government sources is required.

Provincial Terminology Services [New - RFI]
Alberta Health Services ~ March 6
Identifying opportunities for provincial terminology services that will work seamlessly within the provincial clinical information systems and other connected Alberta Health Services systems. 

Transfusion Medicine Solution RFP (AB-2018-00989) [RFP]
Alberta Health Services ~ March 7
A comprehensive system for transfusion medicine and cellular therapy within Alberta is sought via this RFP. (Currently multiple systems are in use for patient blood group and antibody testing, as well as management of blood products such as cellular therapy products.)

Team Grant: Network of European Funding for Neuroscience Research Transnational Research Projects on Mental Disorders [NEW - Research Grant]
Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ March 8
Team grant of up to $75,000 per year for up to 3 years for a total of $225,000 per grant to “to facilitate multinational, collaborative research projects that will address important questions related to mental health and mental disorders across the entire lifespan.” Research proposals should cover either fundamental research (potentially including development of innovative or shared resources and technologies) or clinical research on novel strategies for prevention, early diagnosis, patient stratification, therapy, and/or rehabilitative procedures for mental disorders. Note: excludes research on dementia. 

Accessibility Innovation Showcase and Accessibility Tech Pitch Competition [Pitch Competition]
Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), in partnership with the Ministry of Research, Innovation and Science (MRIS) and the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario ~ March 9
Ontario investment-ready companies seeking capital to help scale their business are invited to apply to participate in a showcase of innovative assistive devices and technologies. Thirty-five companies will receive a 10’x 10’ booth, two conference passes, and travel support if outside the GTA.  Five companies will pitch for a $20,000 award.

Social Enterprise Pitch Competition [Pitch Competition]
Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), in partnership with the Ministry of Economic Development and Growth ~ March 9
Opportunity for Ontario-based social enterprises to exhibit innovative solutions at Discovery 2018 (April 30 and May 1 in Toronto). 5-8 showcased companies will also be invited to pitch during the event for a $10,000 grant from the Ministry of Economic Development and growth and a $10,000 legal services package.

Research Software Program Competitive Funding Call 2b: Research Software Re-Use at the Platform Level [Grant]
CANARIE ~ March 12
Aiming to support research software platform (also known as research gateway) development teams to modify and maintain an existing platform in order to meet the needs of at least one new research team. The platform must currently be used by at least one research team. Up to $225K per project, including up to $100K for software development and on-boarding of at least one new research team and up to $125K of post-development platform maintenance and support.

Banting Research Foundation 2018 Discovery Award [Research Grant]
The Banting Research Foundation and Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada ~ March 15
Up to $25,000 to support early career investigators in the discovery of new or improved therapies and, ultimately, a cure for dystonia.

Electronic Content Services Solution RFP [RFP]
Alberta Health Services (AHS) ~ March 16
Aiming to procure “a health service industry-aligned Solution with the ability to scale, extend and adapt to the province-wide needs of AHS from a content management perspective. Potential Solutions will facilitate the access to content generated manually or from multiple systems, optimize the workflow and availability of content (structured and unstructured) including images, documents and data, by enabling the capture, access, storage, management, retrieval and display of information capabilities that may not be native to Epic.” 

Real Time Location System Solution and Services (BCCSS-02472) [RFP]
BC Clinical and Support Services Society ~ March 19
Aiming to identify a supplier who would enter into a contract with the Health Authorities through the BC Clinical and Support Services Society to provide an integrated Real Time Location System Solution and related services. 

Next Founders Program [Start-up Support]
BDC Capital ~ March 20
Founder development opportunity and funding opportunities (up to 30K in non-dilutive grant funding) for founders of seed/growth stage ventures with significant traction who are looking to scale.

AGE-WELL 2018 Catalyst Funding Program [Support for Early-Stage Research]
AGE-WELL ~ March 23
Supports early-stage “innovative research projects aimed at generating, promoting or accelerating economic and social benefit in the field of technology and aging.” Projects must have potential for real-world impact. Up to $50,000 over 12 months.

2018 Applied Research Competition [Research Grants]
Organization for Autism Research ~ March 26
Soliciting proposals for 1-2 year studies that expand knowledge of autism intervention and treatment in ways that have the potential to impact policy and quality of life for persons with autism and their families. This year’s focus areas include generalization of technology-based intervention. Eight grants of $30,000 each available.

Applied Research Competition [Research Grants]
Organization for Autism Research  ~ March 26
With grants of up to $30,000, supports applied research related to autism in specific focus areas, including analysis of current approaches to service delivery.

The Canadian Malaria Network (CMN) Initiative (1000198075) [Advance Contract Award Notice]
Public Health Agency of Canada ~ March 27
Advance Contract Award Notice to collect data from the Canadian Malaria Network related to access to treatment of severe malaria in Canada.

Canadian Cancer Society Innovation Grants [Research Grants]
CIHR Institute of Cancer Research in partnership with Canadian Cancer Society~ March 29
Grants of up to $100,000 per year for up to 2 years to support "innovative, creative problem solving in cancer research," with a particular focus on innovative discovery across all cancer research and for breast cancer research specifically. "Proposed work should incorporate multi-pronged high risk/high reward approaches across diverse fields of study and stimulate new partnerships between researchers and experts in the field."

Operating Grants [Research Grants]
Canadian Liver Foundation ~ March 31
Operating grants of up to $60,000 per year for two years are available for hepatobiliary research (2 grants), liver cancer (1 grant), and pediatric liver disease (1 grant).

NSERC Idea to Innovation (I2I) Grants [R&D Grants]
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada ~ April 3
Grants to “accelerate the pre-competitive development of promising technology originating from the university and college sector and promote its transfer to a new or established Canadian company.” Up to $15,000 for market assessment grants, up to $125,000 for up to 12 months for phase 1 (reduction to practice grants), and up to $125,000 for 6-18 months for phase IIa (technology enhancement grants).

Health System Impact Fellowship 2018 [Fellowship]
Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Partners ~ April 5
Supports doctoral and post-doctoral fellows to pursue paid, experiential learning opportunities within health system and related organizations.

SPOR National Data Platform [Grant]
Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ June 19
Opportunity to obtain support for one data platform (up to $39 million over 7 years) that will "address major barriers and inefficiencies in accessing or using multi-jurisdictional/ national data for patient-oriented research that cannot be addressed by the individual provincial and territorial (P/T) SUPPORT Units; leverage unique Canadian assets enabling international leadership in patient-oriented research; be pan-Canadian in scope."

CANET Ignite [Grant]
Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada ~ On-going to December 31
Up to $25,000 to “foster collaborative relationships in arrhythmia research between Canadian- based companies and network investigators.” The intent is to provide support to solve a company-specific problem by generating new knowledge or applying current knowledge in an innovative way. In-kind or cash matching contributions required. The network’s research themes are: “technological innovations to improve the treatment of arrhythmia conditions; innovative, safe and effective treatments to prevent sudden cardiac death, halt progression of atrial fibrillation and related illness and death, and prevent disabling syncope; and effective solutions to promote a sustainable health system by empowering patients to manage their conditions.”

Data, Research, & Other Resources

What you know - and don't know - can affect how likely your innovation is to succeed. The resources below highlight a sample of the avenues by which Ontario innovators and innovation champions can access data, research, and related support. Many university and college-affiliated research groups also offer support to inform and advance development and use of health technologies.


Have Your Say & Recently Published

Want to accelerate better health, better care, and better value in the health sector? We hope that this selection of open consultations and recently published policy statements, research results, data, and other tools and resources will be helpful to you.

On-Going or Long-Term Opportunities

The following on-going or long-term support opportunities are examples of those that have been profiled in the 3iOntario Digest since July 2017. This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing. See the links above for compilations prepared by others.

  • Invitation to Propose Innovation Validation Tests via the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) for health technology innovation in the province's academic hospitals
  • Going Global Innovation, Canadian Trade Commissioners Service, Government of Canada: Supports researchers who aim to commercialize technology through collaborative international R&D. Pays up to 75% of eligible costs to a maximum of $75,000 for approved projects.
  • IC-IMPACTS Innovation Demonstration Initiative,  India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability: Supports demonstration projects (technology indigenization or product adaptation, technology or research validation, or technology replication) of up to 2 years in length, usually with a budget of $25,000 or less. One of the objectives is to improve health, safety and prosperity through introduction of new technologies in Canada and/or India.
  • Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Call 007, Government of Canada ~ March 29, 2018: Invites proposals for health innovations that haven’t been sold commercially but meet required technology readiness levels to achieve a first major reference sale with the Government of Canada (up to $500,000). Health innovations – in areas such as assistive devices, health research, medical devices, monitoring and tracking of adverse effects, public health, and provision of information on health products and food – are a priority area.

  • Northern Innovation Program - Applied Research & Technology Development Projects, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation ~ March 31, 2019: Help Northern Ontario businesses undertake applied research or pre-commercialization initiatives required to further develop and bring to market their new technologies. Focus sectors include health sciences, the digital economy, the bioeconomy, and advanced manufacturing. Conditional contribution of 50% of eligible costs up to $250,000.

  • Substance Use and Addictions Program Call for Proposals 
    Health Canada ~ on-going
    Inviting proposals to support evidence-informed and innovative health promotion, prevention, harm reduction and treatment initiatives to address substance use issues related to licit and illicit psychoactive substances, e.g. development, enhancement and uptake of evidence-informed tools, technology, guidelines and protocols. 

  • Voucher for Innovation and Productivity
    Ontario Centres of Excellence with Business Development Bank of Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the National Research Council (NRC) ~ on-going
    Supports partnerships between Ontario companies and post-secondary institutions focused on knowledge mobilization, commercialization and increased productivity with significant economic impact for Ontario.

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