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New Opportunities (Updated 2018/08/09)

These opportunities have been posted since the last weekly @3iOntario update. A full list of current opportunities is available below, as are a selection of on-going opportunities available to Ontario's health innovators and innovation champions.

We primarily source these listings by reviewing research grant opportunity databases/portals; procurement portals; and the websites, newsletters, and twitter feeds of organizations that frequently post relevant opportunities. In some cases, we receive information about potential postings directly or identify them opportunistically. Spot something that we missed? Please share it with others by tweeting @3iOntario. 


Event Funding Program [NEW - Event Grants]
Ontario Brain Institute ~ August 17 (December 14 and April 12, 2019 for future rounds)
Up to $5,000 for events arranged by brain health-related not-for-profit organizations that are aligned with the Institute’s goal of improving brain health and wellness for Ontarians, particularly those focused on integration and collaboration.

Collaborative Technology Development and Demonstration Stream [NEW - Grant]
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada ~ August 31
Accepting Statements of Interest from Consortia and Networks proposing “large scale projects/proposals applying data capabilities in the health and biosciences sector. This Stream supports projects/proposals that will accelerate the adoption and development of emerging platform technologies and the scaling of high-potential health and biosciences companies.” Funding of between $10 million to $50 million per funded proposal/project.

Shared Mobility Project - Canadian Red Cross [NEW - RFP]
MaRS Discovery District for Canadian Red Cross ~ August 31
Gathering information on shared mobility technologies and services that are available for use in Canadian Red Cross transportation programs in the Ontario region. “The intent is to evaluate the potential for innovative technologies and mobility services to meet non-emergency transportation demand for seniors and mobility impaired populations in Ontario.

Device to Measure Vascular Access Flow and Recirculation for Patients who have either a Fistula or Graft [NEW - RFP]
Shared Services West ~ September 6
Inviting proposals “for the Supply, Delivery, Training and Support for a device to measure vascular access flow and recirculation for patients who have either a fistula or graft.”

Resident Tracking System, including Software Licensing, Equipment and Services [NEW - RFP]
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority operating as Manitoba eHealth~ September 11
Seeking a wearable resident/staff tracking system and equipment tracking system for the Alzheimer’s Centre of Excellence (ACE) located at Riverview Health Centre in Winnipeg.Specifically, the Centre is “looking to technology to support the care workers in the ACE. The implementation of the Resident Tracking System will support the staff and allow them to ascertain the location of residents and staff at all times.  The Resident Tracking System would allow the residents to receive care and staff to provide care while moving freely throughout the centre. This will save time for health care workers and provide enhanced safety for the residents. This technology will permit residents to have increased freedom, mobility, independence, and safety.”  

Unified Data Architecture Solution for Analytics and Decision Support [NEW - Notice of Potential Procurement]
Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation ~ October 31

Other Current Opportunities

The current opportunities listed below are time-limited. We also encourage you to consider on-going opportunities (e.g. see the list of venture capital, information, and other resources curated by MaRS for consumer digital health and the federal government's Concierge Service or Innovation Canada Digital Platform) plus the partial listing below, as well as to consult sites that track opportunities that are not specific to the health sector (e.g. Ministry of Research, Innovation, and ScienceCanada Business OntarioInvest in OntarioCommercialization Programs and Funding from MaRSSoshent; and Strategic Innovation Fund

Information, Communications and Technology (“ICAT”) Planning Consultant Services [RFP]
Shared Services West for Trillium Health Partners ~ August 14
Requesting proposals for ICAT planning for the Trillium Health Partners Mississauga Hospital and the Queensway Health Centre Capital Project.

Antimicrobial Resistance: Point of Care Diagnostics in Human Health - Phase 2 [Research Grant]
The Antimicrobial Resistance Initiatives, under the scientific leadership of the Institute of Infection and Immunity and the Institute of Population and Public Health at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ August 15
Grants available to “further facilitate and improve the development of clinically relevant point-of-care diagnostic tools in AMR that will improve rational use of antibiotics and improve clinical management. The point-of-care technology would not only permit on-site diagnoses (i.e. in the physician’s office, during ambulance transport, from patient’s residence, at the pharmacy, or at the hospital), but also contribute to empowering health service professionals to make decisions and assessments regarding choice of treatment in a timely and appropriate manner. This would significantly impact health care delivery and appropriate use of antibiotics. It may also serve as detection for disease outbreaks and investigation of unknown pathogens while maintaining public health surveillance capability.” Intent to support partnerships between academics and industry or other non-academic partners.

Digital Multi-Purpose Radiography/Fluoroscopy [RFP]
Niagara Health System ~ August 15
Seeking proposals to supply a multi-purpose fluoroscopy machine for Niagara Health’s Greater Niagara General Site. The device is intended to be used “to perform minimal gastric studies, video fluoroscopic swallowing exams, ERCP, PICC lines, various interventional studies including Nephrostograms, joint injections / aspirations, spinal procedures, verteboplasty, tube insertions, feeding tubes, and digital subtraction angiography.”

Digital Multi-Purpose Radiography/Fluoroscopy [RFP]
Niagara Health System ~ August 15
Aiming to purchase a multi-purpose fluoroscopy machine to “perform minimal gastric studies, video fluoroscopic swallowing exams, ERCP, PICC lines, various interventional studies including Nephrostograms, joint injections / aspirations, spinal procedures, verteboplasty, tube insertions, feeding tubes, and digital subtraction angiography.”

Patient Scholarships for the 2018 Infoway Partnership Conference [Scholarship]
Canada Health Infoway ~ August 15
Apply to attend the  2018 Infoway Partnership Conference in Montreal on November 13-14, 2018.

Global Bridge: Canada-India [Coaching and Travel Support]
Canadian Digital Media Network ~ August 15
Canadian revenue-generating companies working in specific areas, including health and biotechnology, can apply for support to introduce their business to India. Program includes coaching and other support. Up to $4000 in travel and accommodation costs may also be reimbursed after program completion. 

Genomic Applications Partnership Program- Round 13 [Research Grants]
Genome Canada ~ August 20 for expressions of interest
Supports R&D projects that “address real world opportunities and challenges defined by ‘Receptor’ organizations such as industry, government, or not-for-profit entities.” Funding of $300,000 to $6 million for projects of 1-3 years in length. Note: co-funding requirements – 1/3 from Genome Canada, 1/3 from the Receptor partner, and 1/3 of other co-funding.

Entrepreneurship for Cardiovascular Health Opportunities [Training Opportunity]
Translational Biology and Engineering Program, Health Innovation Hub, University of Toronto ~ August 24
Entrepreneurship training, mentorship, networking, and funding opportunities for cardiovascular technology innovators. Open to Canadian-based students, researchers and/or entrepreneurs developing advanced cardiovascular technologies and innovations. Potential to win start-up funding from a $250,000 pool, as well as for follow-on funding via program partners.

Science Policy Youth Award of Excellence [Award]
Canadian Science Policy Centre ~ August 24
Award to recognize a person under the age of 35 who “proposes an innovative and compelling evidence-based policy that will make a positive difference to Canadians.” The winner will receive free admission to the Canadian Science Policy Centre 2018 Conference, two nights accommodation, and an opportunity to present their policy proposal at the conference.

Business Intelligence System Phase II [RFP]
Plexxus ~ August 24
Seeking proposals from potential vendors “with extensive expertise in large-scale enterprise-wide project implementation preferably in Canadian Healthcare, using IBM Cognos Planning Analytics / TM1 platform.”

Echocardiogram Ultrasound [RFP]
Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation ~ August 27
Inviting proposals “for the supply, delivery, installation, testing, training and support for one echocardiogram ultrasound and accessories at the McMaster Children’s Hospital (MUMC) Pediatric Echocardiogram Lab, specific to our pediatric and fetal population.”

Grant-in-Aid [Research Grant]
Heart and Stroke Foundation ~ August 30
Operating funds to “support important, pertinent, novel research in the areas of heart disease and stroke. GIA funding promotes research discovery, exploration and innovation across all health research themes. Knowledge gained from scientific findings, contributes to the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health of Canadians through prevention, treatment and recovery.” 

Innovators’ Den [Innovation Showcase]
Ontario Long-Term Care Association ~ August 31
Inviting participation from innovators of products or services will improve quality, care, operations and efficiency in long-term care in the 2018 Innovators’ Den. The intention is to “act as a platform to educate and inform delegates on [a] company’s services.”

Learning Management System [RFI]
University Health Network ~ August 31
Seeking information about the supply of learning management systems, to assess market capabilities, and for budgetary purposes.

Heart-Lung Machines [RFP]
Saskatchewan Health Authority ~ August 31
Seeking to replace the two heart-lung machines used in Saskatoon at the Royal University Hospital, possibly plus a back-up machine for Regina in the future. 

Deployable CT Scanner [RFP]
Canadian Forces Health Services Group ~ September 4
Requesting proposals to supply a containerized CT scanner, with the option to purchase an additional scanner over the next 3 years. There is also a need for “both CT Scanner Operator Training for Diagnostic Imaging Technologist and CT Scanner Field Service Engineer Technical Training for CF H Svcs Gp Biomedical Engineering Technologist.” 

BI & Analytics Platform and Analytics Data Platform [RFSQ]
Niagara Health (NH) System ~ September 6
Gathering information to create a list of pre-qualified vendors or a vendor or record for (1) a BI and analytics platform with “a visual-based data discovery and easy-to-use tools that support a full range of analytic workflow capabilities that do not require significant involvement from IT to predefine data models upfront as a prerequisite to analysis and enable automated generation of a reusable data model” and (2) an analytics data platform that offers ”an enterprise class IT platform that enables NH in developing, deploying, operating and managing a big data infrastructure /environment. It consists of big data storage, database, big data management and governance, business intelligence and other big data management utilities. It also supports custom development, querying and integration with other systems.”

Sensor Technologies to Monitor Inflammation in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases [RFP]
Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation (US) ~ September 7
Seeking to support development of sensor technologies to detect and monitor inflammation in the context of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), with a focus on technologies with the potential to reach clinical studies within the next 3-4 years. Two awards of up to $125,000 USD for up to 2 years. US and international researchers are encouraged to apply.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), Implementation and Data Migration Services and On-Going System Maintenance, Support and Upgrades [RFP]
Shared Services West ~ September 7
Aiming to procure a Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS), implementation and data migration services and on-going system maintenance, support and upgrade services on behalf of Trillium Health Partners.

Computed Tomography Simulator [RFP]
Shared Support Services Southeastern Ontario (3S0) on behalf of Kingston Health Sciences Centre ~ September 10
Requesting proposals for the purchase and possible turn-key installation of a Computed Tomography Simulator.

Bi-Level Positive Airway Pressure Devices [RFP]
Shared Support Services, Southeastern Ontario on behalf of Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s Ontario Ventilator Equipment Pool ~ September 11
Soliciting proposals that offer a “comprehensive solution for bi-level positive airway pressure devices that would cover a purchase of an estimated 300-400 units per year over the next 3 to 5 years.  The uses of the products will range from infants to geriatric patients requiring non-invasive positive airway pressure ventilatory support.

Provincial Procurement of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs), Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Devices (CRTs), Leads and Associated Products and Solutions [RFP - Innovation Procurement]
Plexxus ~ September 12
Soliciting interest in providing “ICDs, CRT devices, leads, associated technologies, (e.g. programmers, remote monitoring), solutions and associated consumable or ancillary products. This RFP is seeking to award Primary Vendor status to one or more Proponents, on a Purchaser by Purchaser basis, that cannot only provide high quality products that meet the long-term needs of Purchasers and their respective patients, but also a partner that that has the ability and foresight to address patient care challenges over the life of a resulting contract. The intended Primary Vendor award will be a 50% commitment for both devices and the associated leads.”

Pilot Award [Research Grant]
Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative ~ September 14
Inviting applications for a program that provides early support for exploratory research that may be higher risk but have the potential for transformative results.Total budget of up to $300,000 over up to 2 years.

Haptic System [Innovation Challenge]
National Research Council of Canada ~ September 17
Challenging Canadian small businesses to develop “an affordable, robust and good resolution bimanual haptic feedback stylus system that interacts, via Wi-Fi/Bluetooth mode, with mobile platforms. ”Up to $150,000.00 for up to 6 months could be available for Phase 1. Up to $500,000.00 CAD for up to 2 years could be available for any Phase 2.

Electroencephalography and Vital Signs-Integrated Existing Virtual and Augmented Reality Headsets [Innovation Challenge]
National Research Council of Canada ~ September 17
Challenging Canadian small businesses to develop “a user-friendly and robust device for monitoring electroencephalography (EEG) and multiple vital signs integrated into existing extended reality headsets.” Up to $150,000.00 for up to 6 months could be available for Phase 1. Up to $1,000,000.00 for up to 2 years could be available for Phase 2.

Innovative Platform to Facilitate Evidence-Informed Decision-Making [Innovation Challenge]
Public Health Agency of Canada ~ September 17
Challenging Canadian small businesses to develop “innovative platform/platforms that will provide Canadians with immediate access to relevant, trustworthy, public health information adapted to their specific questions and needs, based on core content from PHAC in areas such as but not limited to immunization and travel health.” Phase 1 contract of up to $150,000 (plus tax). Up to $500,000 (plus tax) for Phase 2.

Neuro Interventional Products [Innovative Procurement]
Shared Services West for Trillium Health Partners ~ September 28
Inviting proposals for “holistic provision of a solution including interventional products. ”Proposals should address value for money and economic outcomes, performance management and reporting outcomes, clinical operations and quality outcomes, and patient values and clinical outcomes. 

Strategic Partnership - Cardiac Arrhythmia, Heart Investigation, Vascular and Neuroscience Products [Procurement Partnership]
Hamilton Health Science Corporation ~ September 28
Aiming to develop a strategic partnership related to a series of cardiac arrhythmia, heart investigation, vascular, and neuroscience products.

Gold Leaf Prizes [Award]
Canadian Institutes of Health Research ~ October 10
Inviting nominations for national awards to recognize (1) impact on health outcomes, practices, policies, and/or the health system; (2) discovery that significantly influences knowledge in their field; (3) outstanding achievements in an early career investigator; and (4) transformative leadership in patient engagement.

eMarketplace [Participation Opportunity]
Ontario Medical Association ~ November 30
Seeking proposals to participate in eMarketplace, an on-line directory of business and IT services for Ontario's physicians.The Ontario Medical Association “has created a centralized online directory (called eMarketplace) of service providers, intended to serve the physician community in Ontario of their Information Technology (IT), business and medical practice needs. We invite interested vendors who wish to provide timely service, quality products and excellent pricing to Ontario physicians to apply to eMarketplace.”

CANET Ignite [Grant]
Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada ~ On-going to December 31
Up to $25,000 to “foster collaborative relationships in arrhythmia research between Canadian- based companies and network investigators.” The intent is to provide support to solve a company-specific problem by generating new knowledge or applying current knowledge in an innovative way. In-kind or cash matching contributions required. The network’s research themes are: “technological innovations to improve the treatment of arrhythmia conditions; innovative, safe and effective treatments to prevent sudden cardiac death, halt progression of atrial fibrillation and related illness and death, and prevent disabling syncope; and effective solutions to promote a sustainable health system by empowering patients to manage their conditions.” 


Data, Research, & Other Resources

What you know - and don't know - can affect how likely your innovation is to succeed. The resources below highlight a sample of the avenues by which Ontario innovators and innovation champions can access data, research, and related support. Many university and college-affiliated research groups also offer support to inform and advance development and use of health technologies.


Have Your Say & Recently Published

Want to accelerate better health, better care, and better value in the health sector? We hope that this selection of open consultations and recently published policy statements, research results, data, and other tools and resources will be helpful to you.


On-Going or Long-Term Opportunities

The following on-going or long-term support opportunities are examples of those that have been profiled in the 3iOntario Digest since July 2017. This is not intended to be a comprehensive listing. See the links above for compilations prepared by others.

  • Invitation to Propose Innovation Validation Tests via the Council of Academic Hospitals of Ontario (CAHO) for health technology innovation in the province's academic hospitals
  • Going Global Innovation, Canadian Trade Commissioners Service, Government of Canada: Supports researchers who aim to commercialize technology through collaborative international R&D. Pays up to 75% of eligible costs to a maximum of $75,000 for approved projects.
  • IC-IMPACTS Innovation Demonstration Initiative,  India-Canada Centre for Innovative Multidisciplinary Partnerships to Accelerate Community Transformation and Sustainability: Supports demonstration projects (technology indigenization or product adaptation, technology or research validation, or technology replication) of up to 2 years in length, usually with a budget of $25,000 or less. One of the objectives is to improve health, safety and prosperity through introduction of new technologies in Canada and/or India.
  • Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Call 007, Government of Canada: Invites proposals for health innovations that haven’t been sold commercially but meet required technology readiness levels to achieve a first major reference sale with the Government of Canada (up to $500,000). Health innovations – in areas such as assistive devices, health research, medical devices, monitoring and tracking of adverse effects, public health, and provision of information on health products and food – are a priority area.

  • Northern Innovation Program - Applied Research & Technology Development Projects, Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation ~ March 31, 2019: Help Northern Ontario businesses undertake applied research or pre-commercialization initiatives required to further develop and bring to market their new technologies. Focus sectors include health sciences, the digital economy, the bioeconomy, and advanced manufacturing. Conditional contribution of 50% of eligible costs up to $250,000.

  • Substance Use and Addictions Program Call for Proposals 
    Health Canada ~ on-going
    Inviting proposals to support evidence-informed and innovative health promotion, prevention, harm reduction and treatment initiatives to address substance use issues related to licit and illicit psychoactive substances, e.g. development, enhancement and uptake of evidence-informed tools, technology, guidelines and protocols. 

  • Voucher for Innovation and Productivity
    Ontario Centres of Excellence with Business Development Bank of Canada, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), and the National Research Council (NRC) ~ on-going
    Supports partnerships between Ontario companies and post-secondary institutions focused on knowledge mobilization, commercialization and increased productivity with significant economic impact for Ontario.

  • BDC Capital Women in Technology (WIT) Venture Capital Fund
    Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) ~ on-going
    Investing $200 million in “supporting women-led tech firms at the seed, series A and series B stages. It invests directly alongside accelerator partners, investors and other corporate venture partners, as part of a syndicate or as a lead investor, and indirectly in other funds. The WIT fund also supports and develops emerging women investors and women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) considering entrepreneurship.

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